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Super Pack 2

Super Pack 2

Suggested grade: 1
(children who will be entering second grade in the fall)

Brief Product Description

Super Pack 2 contains:

  • Summer Book 2
  • Step-by-Step Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts
  • Letter Grab
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Detailed Product Description

Summer Book 2 (3rd edition) is for students entering second grade. It contains fifty pages of activities. The top half of each page reviews math concepts. The bottom half of each page reviews phonics/language concepts. There are thinking skills or simple reading comprehension exercises on the back of each page. A complete answer key is located at the back of the book and may be easily removed.

Some of the math concepts reviewed are:

  • adding and subtracting with the basic facts
  • recognizing shapes
  • coloring fractional parts
  • working with place value
  • telling time
  • counting money
  • solving word problems
  • counting by twos, fives, and tens
  • completing patterns
  • using greater than and less than symbols

Some of the phonics concepts reviewed are:

  • recognizing vowels and consonants
  • making compound words
  • filling in the blanks to complete words
  • arranging words in alphabetical order
  • writing rhyming words
  • dividing words into syllables
  • recognizing prefixes and suffixes
  • understanding contractions
  • recognizing synonyms
  • distinguishing between homonyms
  • writing sentences

Step-by-Step Math: Addition and Subtraction Facts - Teach your child/students over half of the basic addition and subtraction facts in just 2-3 weeks! Offering "step-by-step" instruction and lots of varied and interesting practice, this book will guide students to mastery and speed. Flashcards included. 161 pgs.

After learning to add, students are shown and taught the commutative property of addition (reversible addition) which cuts the number of facts to be memorized nearly in half. Subtraction is taught, and students are encouraged to learn facts in fact families (2+3=5, 3+2=5, 5-2=3, 5-3=2) tying the subtraction facts to the previously learned addition facts. New facts are "hooked" to facts students have already mastered making new material easy to learn.

Numbered addition and subtraction flashcards are included. Throughout the book various drills and exercises are presented to vary the flashcard practice.

A timed quiz at the end of each section encourages both speed and accuracy.

Certificates at the end of the book provide individual awards and proof of learning.

This book has 135 pages of instruction and practice.

  • Concept pages promote student understanding.
  • Drills emphasize the more difficult facts.
  • A stimulating variety of exercises keeps students' brains engaged.
  • Regular review produces confidence and mastery.

Give your child/student lots of drill on the basic facts this year and ...

  • his or her speed and accuracy will improve.
  • the amount of time required to take a test will decrease, giving your child/student more time to check his or her work.
  • the difficulty of long math problems will almost vanish.


Table of Contents
How to use this book
Progress charts
Addition with 0, 1 and 2
Subtraction with 0, 1 and 2
Addition with Doubles
Subtraction with Doubles
Addition with Near Doubles
Subtraction with Near Doubles
Addition with 9
Subtraction with 9
Addition to 8
Subtraction from 8
Addition to 9
Subtraction from 9
Addition to 10
Addition Review
Subtraction from 10
Subtraction Review
Addition to 11
Subtraction from 11
Addition to 12
Subtraction from 12
Addition and Subtraction Review
Addition to 13
Subtraction from 13
Addition to 14
Subtraction from 14-16
Addition Review
Subtraction Review
Addition and Subtraction Review
Addition and Subtraction Fold and Drill
Fact Family Master
Answer Key
Addition Certificate
Subtraction Certificate


Letter Grab Game
by Vowac Publishing Company (

Object of the game:`to spell words.

Letter Grab game sheet*, two 30-sided letter dice, a pencil for each player, a ten to fifteen minute timer. Optional: (recommended) crayon or color felt-tip pen, dictionary or spelling lists.

The vowels in the center space, The Pool, facing the direction of each player belong to that player. Only that player may use them.

Each player roles a letter dice. The player that rolls the letter closest to "A" starts the game. If a player rolls a "wild" or "vowel", he automatically plays first.

Players take turns rolling the dice two times. The letters rolled are written in The Pool. (SUGGESTION: WRITE LETTERS IN UPPERCASE) If a player rolls a "wild", the player chooses any letter and adds it to The Pool. If a player rolls a "vowel", the player chooses any vowel and adds it to The Pool. After the eight initial letters are added to The Pool, the timer is started.

The starting player then chooses to create a word by using letters from The Pool or roll the dice. If the player uses letters to make a word, those letters are crossed out with the color felt-tip pen or crayon, and not used again. After making a word and the letters are crossed out, the player rolls the dice and the new letters are added to The Pool. If the player chooses to roll the dice instead of making a word, the two letters rolled are added to The Pool. A player's turn ends after the dice are rolled.

The next player may now choose to use letters and make his own word or may roll the dice and add the two letters to The Pool.

Once a player rolls the dice, the letters are added to The Pool and that completes his turn. Play continues until the timer goes off. If a player is in the middle of his turn when the timer sounds, his turn is completed and the game ends.

Scoring: A player earns one point for each letter used correctly. For example, if the word "barn" is spelled, the player receives four points.

The challenge word may be optional. If a player correctly spells a word with seven or more letters, he receives the one point per letter and an additional five points.

A player may challenge any word used. If the word is not spelled correctly, the player does not receive any points for that word. All challenges are done after the game has ended.

Strategies: Try to create words using consonant blends and clusters. Using your vowels early in the game will limit your chances to make longer words. Be sure to use prefixes and suffixes when possible. Try to think of various words using the same letters rather than focusing on just one word.

*The game sheet may be printed from or at lettergrab.pdf.



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