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Super Pack 1

Super Pack 1

Suggested grade: K
(children who will be entering grade 1 in the fall)

Brief Product Description

Super Pack 1 contains:

  • Summer Book 1
  • Mind Benders Level 2
  • Set Game
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Detailed Product Description

Summer Book 1 (3rd edition) is for students entering first grade. It contains fifty pages of activities. The top half of each page reviews math concepts. The bottom half of each page reviews phonics concepts. Thinking skills or very simple reading comprehension exercises are on the back of each page. A complete answer key is located at the back of the book and may be easily removed.

Some of the math concepts reviewed are:

  • counting by ones and fives
  • adding one digit numbers
  • recognizing shapes
  • completing patterns
  • writing numbers that come before and after

Some of the phonics concepts reviewed are:

  • upper and lowercase letters
  • letter sounds
  • rhyming words
  • initial, middle and final sounds in words
  • recognizing short and long vowel words


Mind Benders Level 2 prepares your students for testing! Develops reading comprehension, logic, and problem solving. 43 activities, 48 pages.

Description & Features

Mind Benders, a best-selling deductive thinking puzzles, develop the logic, reading comprehension, and mental organization skills vital to achieving high grades and top test scores in all subjects. They're also great for developing real-life, problem solving skills.


Students carefully analyze each Mind Benders story and its clues, identifying logical associations between people, places, and things. The key is to start with the most obvious associations, then deduce less obvious associations until everything finally fits together.

Teaching Support

Includes step-by-step instructions and detailed answers.

Table of Contents
Teacher Suggestions
How to Use a Chart




Set is so easy a four-year-old can learn to play but challenging and exciting enough to make adults beg for "just one more round"! The object of the game is to identify a 'set' of three cards from twelve cards laid out on the table. A 'set' consists of three cards in which each feature is EITHER the same on each card OR is different on each card. The person with the most 'sets' at the end of the game is the winner.


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