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Summer Book K Reading Bundle

Summer Book K Reading Bundle

Suggested grades: PreK

Brief Product Description

The Summer Book K Reading Bundle contains:

  • Summer Book K
  • Summerbook Readers and 60+ reading comprehension pages
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Detailed Product Description

The Summer Book K packet includes:

  • Summer Book K
  • circles, squares, rectangles and triangles in a variety of colors
  • upper and lower case magnetic letters
  • magnetic numbers

Summer Book K is for students entering kindergarten (K5). The front of each page in the book is for the child to complete using a pencil or crayons. The back of each page contains ideas for hand-on activities to enrich the day's learning as well as suggestions and tips for parents. The book includes fifty daily pages and a complete answer key located at the back of the book which may be removed easily.

       Topics covered in Summer Book K include:

  • writing letters
  • matching
  • larger and smaller
  • sequencing
  • colors
  • letter sounds
  • right and left
  • shapes
Magnetic Letters and Numbers The color of each upper-case letter matches the color of the lower-case letter. This should help a young child to associate upper-case and lower-case pairs such as "Bb" and "Dd" more easily.

Each letter and number is made of two layers. The top layer is a rubbery foam and the bottom layer is magnetic. These letters will stick solidly without sliding or turning yet are easy to pick up and move.


Summerbook Readers give your beginning reader success and a love for reading!

With big, bright, colorful pictures, these phonics-based readers teach a child to love reading. The short-vowel words and short sentences help new readers gain confidence quickly. Includes 62 reading worksheets that reinforce the skills taught in the books.

Book 1 introduces short a words, practices those words in stories, introduces short i words, practices those words, then practices short a and i words together.

Book 2 introduces short o words, practices those words in stories, introduces short e words, practices those words, then practices short o and e words together while reviewing a and i words.

Book 3 introduces short u words, practices those words in stories, introduces adding s to make words plural, practices those words, then reviews the words from all the readers.

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